2022-2023 Nominations

Call for Nominations

We are seeking nominations to fill vacant seats on the Executive Board for the 2022-2023 chapter year. Members can submit the name(s) of anyone they feel would make an excellent leader for our Chapter, along with the position they are being nominated for.  You can nominate yourself, a current colleague, or another HR professional that you feel is up for the task.  Nominations can be submitted through Friday, May 20, 2022.  Anyone who is nominated will be informed via email of their nomination and asked whether they would like to have their name included in the election.  Those participating in the election will be asked to provide a written statement not to exceed 300 words, to be included with their name when members are voting.  The written statement can be about themselves, their accomplishments, why they want the position, etc.  Please note that only current Chapter members may vote in the election.

A Board position provides you an opportunity to receive leadership training and participate in guiding the direction and development of the Chapter and its programs. We strive to enhance professional development, recognition and partnerships; provide quality, cost effective programs for continuing education on current HR issues; and develop opportunities for professional growth and networking. Consider nominating yourself or someone you know today!

Filled positions for the 2022-2023 year are:

President, Raisa Capellan

Past-President, Lisa Annis

Treasurer, Elisa DiCicco

To read more about the open positions, click on the title below.


Serves a one-year term as the officer first in rank to the Chapter’s President. In the absence of the President or the President’s temporary incapacity to serve, the President-Elect shall exercise the functions covered in Section 1 of the Chapter Bylaws. (In the second year the incumbent serves as President, and in third year the incumbent serves as Past President).


Serves a one-year term as the Chapter’s official recording officer. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the membership records and other records of the Chapter, for notifying members of the Chapter meetings and for submitting an annual report of the Chapter’s activities to the IPMA-HR containing summary of Chapter Activities, new officers and a financial report.

Board Member

There are 3 Board members who each serve a one-year term to manage the Chapter’s affairs and the development and guidance of its programs and activities. The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President (typically monthly).  Board meetings shall be for the purpose of reviewing the activities and for considering other matters brought to the attention of the Board by the Chapter officers or by the Chapter membership. 

To submit a nomination, please complete the information below. Note: a nomination does not require the nominee to participate in the election process. A nominee may opt-out but will be contacted that someone has submitted their name for nomination.